Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jack's father did not go home last week. Instead he was transferred to the geriatric psych area so he could regain his strength and the doctors could better stabilize his medications. This was really tough on Jack, but he realized that this really is the best thing for his dad. The visitation rules for this area of the hospital are much stricter with visitors only being allowed for a couple of hours a day. So Jack has been home every night for almost a whole week!

His mom has been moved to the long-term recovery part of the hospital and seems to be gradually improving.

We have been blessed by friends who have brought us meals (Even my children reached their fast food saturation point!), prayed for us, and hosted our small group at their home. One set of friends even let all 4 of our girls sleep over!

So I should be feeling great. But I don't. I feel a bit down. I don't really know why. I think living with uncertainty, both of the future and of each day, takes a toll on me. Jack has been down and I know that affects my emotions. And I'm just plain weary!


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