Saturday, September 18, 2010

An Encouraging Word

The week of youth camp progressed.  The worship and teaching were fabulous, of course.  And we were trying to help the students really interact with Jesus.  

Thursday was our last day.  During the morning session Louie Giglio called all the adult leaders on stage and we got to sing a song with Chris Tomlin. This was so much fun!  And now I can say I've sung on stage with Chris Tomlin!  Afterward, Paul and I had the opportunity to speak with Louie.  We were part of the Choice Bible study he led at Baylor, and we have followed and supported his ministry ever since.  He has been one of the biggest spiritual influences on both of our lives.

Louie planted Passion City Church in Atlanta about a year ago, and Paul had already written Louie telling about our potential church plant.  He encouraged us to step out in faith because often God doesn't provide the wind in our sails until we're actually in the water.  He also told us not to be discouraged if things don't work out like we hope and pray they do.  Church planting is a series of major ups and downs, but God wants to be present in all of them.  And after all, even if our new church doesn't make it, no one's going to die!

We left feeling excited and encouraged.  I still didn't have an absolute certainty that we should plant a church, but I was almost sure that this was where God was leading.  And that was enough for me.  But it wasn't enough for God...


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