Thursday, October 14, 2010

Movin' On Up

Last Sunday, we had our first worship time at our new location!  We are now meeting in an apartment clubhouse.  We had recently been to an event there, and both Paul and I thought that this might be a better venue than our living room.  The apartment manager was very kind and gave us a reasonable rate to rent the clubhouse each week.

The room is much bigger than our living room, so we can more comfortably fit more people.  Paul also thinks that a new person wanting to check us out might feel less intimidated here than at our house.  It includes a kitchen with a great counter for serving coffee or snacks.  There's even a large TV that we hope to use to display the lyrics for the songs we sing.

Our first Sunday went pretty well.  We are still working out a few glitches.  It was way too COLD, for one thing.  I also discovered that fans and florescent lights are a bad mix for me, particularly when I am perpetually on the verge of a sinus headache.  But these things are easy to fix.  (But, just in case, I am seriously considering bringing a blanket!)  

We also have a new guitar player, who has led his youth band in the past.  We may even have a keyboardist and a keyboard!  It's fun to see our church grow!



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