Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Signs of the Times

A group of us are having a "Retro Prom" themed costume party at the end of October.  So today, in the interest of retro research, the girls looked through my old high school year books.  Joy and Grace just like looking for pictures of Mommy.  Faith, however, was amazed disturbed by all the big hair!  And the high pants!  And the tucked-in shirts!  (I guess the shoulder pads weren't as obvious.)

And really, those pictures do look so dated.  "Why?" I ask myself.  "Why the big hair?"  (OK, that one's easy; there were no flat irons, and I have curly hair.)  "Why the baggy jeans, especially when I was so thin?"  (No answer for that one!)  "Why the puffy sleeves?"  (Maybe we needed them to balance out the hair!)  "Why didn't my hair dresser prevent me from getting bangs?"  

And I comfort myself with the fact that in twenty years, Faith will be asking herself similar questions.


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