Saturday, October 9, 2010

The City Church Meets

Back to our story...

When Paul and I were discussing how the transition from being part of the staff at a large church to being a church planter would work, I realized that we would need to continue to have a worship environment on Sunday mornings.  I knew we would need it, and so would the people who were coming along with us.  And our girls and the other children would really need the continuity.  I didn't think they would do well having a season of sleeping late and making delicious breakfasts with occasional interruptions for grown-up meetings, and then have to get in the rhythm of going to church again.  And I knew our group needed a time to corporately connect with God.  The single adults, many of whom are college-aged, already have a worship/Bible study time with Paul on Wednesday nights.  But that isn't a good environment for families whose children need to be in bed before that time is even halfway over.

So we decided we would have a Sunday morning gathering.  And, since we're just starting out, we realized we would have to gather in our living room.  Which has been an interesting experience.  I've learned we can fit way more people in our living room than I ever thought.  We've had to learn to keep our house cleaner.  I've learned to buy paper cups for coffee or be behind on dishes for several days.

Our first Sunday we had about our family,15 young singles, and one other man, whose wife wanted to give our old church a month to find a replacement to teach her Sunday School class.  In the next few weeks, that family was all able to come, and we had another family come.  We've had a few more twenty-somethings check us out as well.  


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