Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Magic!

We planned to meet the princesses on our final day at Magic Kingdom.  And while it would have been nice to get the boutique princess make-over for the girls, it was definitely NOT in our already-stretched budget.  So my oldest daughter and her friend did the younger girls make-up and hair so they could feel like princesses!  I brought sparkly make-up and hair spray and had purchased each of my girls a tiara at Claire's before we left.  My younger girls wore cute dresses instead of the hot dress-up costumes that we had.  I think they looked fabulous!

We got to the park in time to see Mickey and Minnie sing and dance at Cinderella's castle.  Then we went to Belle's story time.  After that we went to see the princesses!  Faith's favorite princess is Cinderella; Hope and Grace's favorite is Belle (She's my favorite, too!); and Joy's favorite princess is Sleeping Beauty. All three of them were there when we went to meet them, take pictures, and get their autographs!  They were all so gracious, and it was a special time for my girls.

We then toured Mickey and Minnie's houses, and I made the big mistake of riding the Goofy roller coaster.  It wasn't scary, but it was so jerky that my back hurt for several hours!  After lunch, we met Mickey and Minnie and got pictures with them.  We hid out from one of the daily rain showers, and rode some more rides.  The younger three girls loved Space Mountain, and all the girls loved Big Thunder Mountain.  (I had planned to ride that one until my back started hurting.)  

One of the most fun surprises was the Jungle Cruise.  Our guide was hysterical!  The girls loved it when she poked fun at the Hall of Presidents!  The older kids and Paul rode Splash Mountain again.  They were disappointed that somehow he managed to stay dry.

We finished our day by watching the Parade of Lights and the fireworks show from Main Street.  It was a terrific ending to a fabulous vacation!


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