Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Cozy Evening

We've been experiencing some cold weather the past few days.  Tonight we enjoyed a cozy evening on the couches watching a Christmas movie.  Patches even joined us!  She doesn't usually sit on the couch with us, so this was a fun treat.  

We watched The Polar Express.  We had never seen it, and, although we did like it, we probably won't put it in our annual Christmas movie rotation. I did think that the scene where the boy who didn't believe was surrounded by believers at the North Pole was a good picture of how unbelievers feel at our churches.  They see us believe, we've told them to believe, but they still can't hear the bells.  It was only after he decided to believe that he could fully experience and enjoy everything around him.  We want our church to welcome unbelievers, but we know they won't get everything until they believe.   

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