Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Cattle Are Lowing

I've had a busy day!  On my way to pick up my younger three (and some friends) from their sleepover, my car died.  Paul came and, with the help of a friend, pushed it into a parking lot.  He got it running again, but it felt sluggish later, so I think it needs some more work. 

We had two extra girls here all afternoon.  They had a great time playing outside.  I think their favorite part of the afternoon was when our neighbors' puppy escaped into our yard!  
After supper, we went to see a live nativity at a local church.  The girls all liked petting the cows, sheep, and donkey.  I was impressed by how soft the cows were! One cow mooed and tried to lick Hope, and the other cow gave us a special show, if you know what I mean. So I feel like we got the whole barnyard experience.  It certainly makes the messy reality of the manger hit home when you see barnyard animals doing what barnyard animals do within feet of the (pretend) baby Jesus.  It's amazing to think that the Son of God came to earth to be born not in a sterile hospital, but in a smell stable. I guess it's fitting.  Jesus lived his life among the mess of our sin, eventually taking it upon Himself.  The manger points to the Cross.   

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