Monday, December 26, 2011

The Perfumery

My living room smells like an old lady convention right now!  I'm not sure if my headache is from sinus pressure or the smell!  Inspired by the perfume making kit we gave Hope for Christmas, the bottles of cologne my sister and her husband gave us as a gag gift (Chantilly, Tabu, Stetson, etc.), and stories of my sister and me mixing our own perfumes out of old make-up and perfume samples at my grandmother's house, the girls decided to make their own perfume using spices and those strong perfumes.  I'm not sure if the candles we lit are helping any or if my nose has gotten used to the stench, but I don't think it's as strong now as it was an hour ago. 

Each girl tried to make one perfume that smelled good and one that smelled bad.  They most definitely succeeded with the bad-smelling ones!  I don't think garlic powder was ever intended to be used in a perfume.  And I'm really wondering why people in the 70s thought Tabu and Chantilly were scents they wanted to smell like.

While I do remember making some pretty bad-smelling perfumes with my sister, I don't remember the whole house reeking after we had finished our concoctions.  My grandmother was a patient woman.
But my girls made more than just perfume tonight.  They made some fun memories.  And those memories will linger longer than the smell.  (Which I'm really hoping doesn't linger long at all!)


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