Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January Is Slipping Away

Can it really be January 10? I had so many good intentions of keeping the blogging going without interruption in 2012. I really did. Then last week happened!

Paul was in Atlanta all week for Passion. He left Sunday after church, and my sister and her family arrived for a one night stopover Sunday night. Everyone except Patches enjoyed the visit. Patches was NOT HAPPY about another cat being in her house! She slept with me that night and woke me up by making a horrible noise when my sister's cat dared come in the room. 

We started school back after they left, but we made Monday a catch-up-on-projects day. Our favorite project was to have tea time, complete with homemade scones and freshly whipped cream! In addition to school (and dance and piano) the girls were preparing for 4-H contests held last Saturday. Faith, Joy, and Grace all sewed things for the sewing contest. All four entered pictures in the photography contest, and they all baked something for the sugar cookery contest.

We stayed up late working on projects more than once. And then I would just veg by watching some of the Passion sessions online or Downton Abbey on Netflix. I thought about blogging, but my brain was too tired!

Paul got home Friday in time to see our frantic last-minute preparations! I know he must have felt a bit overlooked. We spent Saturday morning at the contest. Each of the girls won at least one ribbon. There were a few tears when Joy realized that Grace had won more than she had, but they didn't last too long. I'm so proud of all their hard work!

This week hasn't been quite so busy, so I hope to share my 2012 words soon. (I know I could have today, but my mind is fuzzy from some major sinus/allergy crud I'm having!)


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