Friday, January 27, 2012

The Dirt on SSMTC

One week ago I was telling my sweet husband about how God had spoken to me at the Siesta Scripture Memory Celebration over the most amazing hot chocolate I've ever had! My sweet husband drove me to Houston for the SSMTC, since I have issues with highway driving. And we had three sweet sets of friends who took in our various children Friday and Saturday.

We got to the event just in time for me to change clothes in the Suburban, thanks to a fun trip to Ikea and some Beck's Prime. I found a seat and got ready to worship. And God spoke! One of the first songs we sang was "Your Name." And God reminded me that His Name - God Himself - IS a strong and mighty tower and my best protector. Then I realized that when I resort to self-protection and self-preservation, I am stepping away from God's protection. I am essentially saying that I am better able to protect myself than the God of the Universe!!! How dumb is that! I CAN trust Him to protect me. That doesn't mean that nothing bad or hard will ever happen to me. It means that God will enable me to handle those things. They might still happen, but they won't crush me. Oh, how I need to live this out!!

Beth spoke a wonderful and challenging message from 2 John about walking out our faith. I am so prone to letting my knowledge remain in my head, so I needed to hear this! Some of my favorite points were when she told us how abiding in 2 John isn't just sitting still, but is keeping in step with Jesus. It also really spoke to me when she talked about investing our whole lives into love. I so want to really LOVE God and other people! 

God was so kind to me on Saturday. Another Siesta who had come alone (from Pennsylvania!) sat next to me. Jean and I enjoyed getting to know one another and each of us said all 24 of our 2011 verses to each other! We had each asked for God to give us someone to spend the conference with, and He was so faithful! I'm so thankful for my new friend Jean!

She ended with a challenge to bring some dirt from Houston back home with us to signify the ground we are taking back from the enemy. My dirt is in a bag on my dresser. I want to display it in a pretty jar or vase to remind me that I am going to fight to take back all the ground I have surrendered. 

Even a flat tire on Saturday couldn't mar the wonderfully refreshing time God had given me!


Paul Pettefer said...

I'm so diggin' the "sweet husband" references!

And much more so the voice of our Great God into your heart.

You rock, Princess!

Love, paul

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