Thursday, December 20, 2012

This Might Be as Winter Wonderland as We Get

Here in the South, we are just as likely to wear shorts at Christmas as we are to wear coats, maybe even more likely! So the younger two were thrilled with the cool temperatures and gusty wind today. They spent all afternoon playing outside with a their neighborhod friends. They even brought out blankets to keep our clubhouse warmer. But I think they spent more time out of the clubhouse than they spent in it. When I went outside to take this picture, they were all on top of the roof! 

I'm so thankful for seasons of fun and rest in the midst of the work of school and ballet classes. (Even though Hannah did have a ballet practice today. But she was glad to have a chance to work on her solo piece.) My allergies have wiped me out the last couple of days, so I also had a reason to just rest.  

We ended our evening watching White Christmas. It was a fun, restful, and Christmas-y time! 


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