Friday, December 14, 2012

We Saw the Lights!

Today we made our traditional "Christmas Light Seeing" excursion. Every year we tour the best-lit houses in our area while listening to Christmas music. Over the years, we have added to the basic tradition. We now wear pajama pants (or full pajamas in the case of the twins). We also have added eating ice cream to the night. (Which some years makes sense because it's much warmer than it was tonight. It was 80 degrees just a few days ago!)

We began our journey a few streets over with a house that has a whole light show set to music. It's such a fun show! We then traveled out to the country to see a huge multi-family display. On our way there we saw the business in the picture. It was even more stunning in person. Then it was time for the Chick-Fil-A ice cream and (my favorite) milkshakes. We viewed the big houses by the lake and a couple of our other favorite neighborhoods.

We got home and I got to see a few meteors from the meteor shower. The first one was so huge and bright. It was too cold to stay out for long, but the stars and the meteors were beautiful. 



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