Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I Blogged for 31 Days in a Row and Then Took a Four Day Break

I blogged for 31 days in a row! Yay, me!! And I intend to continue blogging on a regular basis. Probably not every day, but certainly at least several times a week. I'm hoping the four day break will be a rare occurrence.

Here are some things I learned about myself through the 31 day journey:

*I CAN blog consistently.

*Having a goal and accountability is a good thing for me, especially good when I'm trying to insert a new rhythm into my life.

*I often think through writing. Some days I thought I would have little to say, but as I began typing, thoughts and feeling surfaced that I wanted to express.

*Not every blog post will be great or deep or thought-provoking or funny. And that's OK.

*My voice won't sound like the voices of others whose blogs I love to read. And that's OK, too. We already have their voices out there. My echo of their voices is less interesting and valuable than me speaking and writing like me.

*I like to write, and I need to do so more often. 

*Lists are perfectly acceptable blog posts! 


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