Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Messy Christmas

In the spirit of keeping it real, this is what my living room looks like this evening. When I look at others' blog or Facebook or Instagram posts, I sometimes think they have it all together: an orderly home, fun and creative traditions, super-well-behaved children, fabulous meals, and more.

I never want anyone to be intimidated by me or think I have it all together. This photo is proof of that. We still need to put away the boxes i;n which we store our Christmas decor. My girls have laundry I have not reminded them to fold. (I was hoping that they would remember to do it since the basket is in plain sight, but that hope was in vain.) 

I'm not proud of my messy living room, but it is a real part of my life today. And I think that we as Christians, particularly Christian women, benefit greatly when we don't hide the real behind a perfect facade.


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