Sunday, December 8, 2013

O, Christmas Tree

We finally finished putting all of our ornaments on our tree! We put the non-breakable ones on last Sunday, but, since we had a brand new kitten who might want to mess with the tree, I decided to wait awhile before we put on any ornaments that might break. Since she has only batted at a couple of ornaments all week, I decided it was safe to put on the rest of our ornaments.

And, as I was getting a glass ornament ready to put on our tree, I dropped it, and it broke. I can salvage part of it, so it's not a total loss, but I am a little disappointed. 

I love that each of our ornaments tells a story. My grandmother began giving my sister and me ornaments each year when we were little girls. She continued doing that her whole life, even making some herself, and also gave ornaments to my girls. We have ornaments from my mom and ornaments from Paul's mother's Christmas tree store.After my Granny went to be with Jesus, I received some of the ornaments from her tree. (Sadly, many of the ornaments with the most memories attached had been stolen a few years before her passing.) We also have sweet ornaments made by my girls when they were little. 

My tree will never be featured in a decorating magazine, but it is one that is filled with reminders of people we love. No tree could be more beautiful to me.


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