Friday, May 1, 2015

What April Learned in April

April was a rainy, busy, fun month. We celebrated Easter, had a Spring Break that flew by, and three of the girls danced in a beautiful ballet recital. In the midst of the ordinary, I learned a few things. 

1. The Frosted Lemonade at Chick-Fil-A is amazing!

Chick-fil-A<span class='reg'>®</span> Frosted Lemonade

It is sweet and a little tart and so creamy! I know it is going to become a favorite summer treat!

2. I can run. Because of my love for sweet things like that Frosted Lemonade, I realized I needed to amp up my workout routine a bit. I always thought that I was incapable of running, but I have surprised myself this month. I'm still not a Runner, but I have run farther and longer than I ever thought possible. 

3. I am late to the Ellie Holcomb party, but I am glad I'm finally here. I've been hearing so many wonderful things about her newest album, and I finally listened to it on Amazon Music. I loved it so much I purchased a CD. Her music has been a wonderful accompaniment to several evening walks - beautiful music for beautiful evenings.

4. Thanks to Foyle's War, I learned that the Nazis tried to create Nazi units made up of traitorous British POWs. The unit was very small, but it did exist. 

5. I realized that I need my own space. I'm planning on writing more on this soon, but the living room couch is too Grand Central Station to provide the alone time I need sometimes. I'm looking forward to creating a space of my own in my bedroom using the Cozy Minimalist self-guided course

I know May will be a month filled with new things, since Hannah graduates this month. I wonder what I will learn...


Anonymous said...

That frosted lemonade sounding pretty tempting to me but not being a runner I passed on it this time ;)

Fun looking at what we've learned for the month. Stopping by from the link up.

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