Friday, October 9, 2015

Donation Day

I finally made time today to drop off several bags of outgrown clothes and shoes to a local thrift store. I feel so much better not to have to see those bags of items we no longer need just sitting in my house. 

I was also able to donate some books the girls no longer wanted to a church book sale.

And my car is loaded with a box of toys and a bag of stuffed animals to bring to a friend's garage sale. 

I am by no means a minimalist. We have bookcases filled with books. (And more books in boxes!) My closet is still rather full. And my kitchen shelves hold dishes and gadgets galore. And I plan on keeping many of these things.

But it did feel good to send some of our stuff on its way to having a new home. 

I often think of God's graces and blessings as things He adds to my life, but when I limit my view of grace that way, I miss so much. Because grace also can be things God is getting rid of in my life. I want to see this as the healthy growth and the blessing that God intends it to be!


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