Friday, October 2, 2015

Everyday Grace: Taking the Time to Notice

Welcome to 31 Days of Everyday Grace. Please scroll down to view the post from Day 1.


When the weather is cool enough for a morning walk/run, I like to run/walk down this long sidewalk near our home. I like not having to worry about traffic, and Callie is free to smell all the smells. Part of the sidewalk borders fields, a wooded area fringes the rest. From a distance the trees and plants all look varying shades of green.

But as I passed by the greenery, I noticed colors I never saw from a distance. White flowers bloom near the sidewalk.

Clusters of red berries adorn the green leaves.

Yellow flowers bestow their pollen on the world.

My life so often looks like that monotonous row of trees I pass on cool mornings. In my car, I would never notice anything but green. But when I pass by on foot, I am able to see the colorful details that add so much beauty and interest to the scene. My days so often look the same, one big swath of ordinary. And if I pass by too quickly or don't take time to notice, I will miss the loveliness that is already there. 

This month, I want to document to lovely and interesting bits of my days that I so often overlook. I want to see the everyday grace that God bestows upon me.


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