Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Simple Joys

This blogging every day thing can be a challenge. Somewhere during the month I missed a day, and I know I forgot yesterday. That doesn't mean my small moments of joy don't happen, I'm just too busy living them to chronicle them here.

Sunday I was able to be a part of joy. Paul and I had stopped to talk to some neighbors during an afternoon walk. Our dog, Callie, discovered a sprinkler in a nearby yard and gleefully began to try chasing the roving drops of water and drinking out of this unorthodox fountain. She ran. She chased. She shook her wet fur.

And the neighbors' daughter delighted in the show and added her own giggles when she got too near the range of the sprinkler and was showered with a drop or two. 

Even when I pulled a reluctant Callie away from her fun, she continued to entertain us by rolling in the grass to dry herself off. 

Such a simple thing. But full of joy.


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