Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Few Things I Learned in June

June was a big month for our family! We celebrated two birthdays (one of them a Sweet Sixteen!), we dropped off our oldest daughter at a Summer Ballet Intensive for three weeks, we put the finishing touches on our kitchen facelift, and our youngest two graduated to evening youth activities at church.  Here are some of the more interesting things I have learned this month.

*Angie Smith and I have both have identical twin girls born just months apart and with amazingly similar names! (I've known about her twins for a while, but I never made the name/timeline connection until this month.)

*When I drop my daughter off to live in a dorm for three weeks, I become Super Dorm Mom a la Lorelei Gilmore in Gilmore Girls when she brought Rory to live in her dorm at Yale. My girl and her roomies have a pink fuzzy bath mat, a towel hanger, and an outlet extender thanks to my superior dorm mom abilities. (I wanted to link to a YouTube clip, but couldn't find it with my sub-par YouTube skills.)

*My two oldest truly are best friends! Tears were shed when they parted for three weeks.

*Having my youngest two begin youth group activities has been far easier than when my oldest began in the youth group. 

*Riding in a limo at midnight with my girls is fun! Chinese fire drills increase the fun.

*If I ever again buy a pre-paid debit card, I should IMMEDIATELY try it out and make sure the checker activated it correctly! My poor daughter couldn't use her card, and I've had to try to get the issuer to activate it, a process that involved several phone calls and e-mails and is still not yet resolved.

*My youngest two have set the lofty goal of seeing just how long they can stay in bed in the morning. The record so far? 1:21! In the afternoon!