Thursday, July 2, 2015

School May Be Out, but the Learning Doesn't Stop

June flew by this year! I can't believe 2015 is halfway over! I began the month at High School Camp with Hannah and Rebecca, and later in the month, each of them flew on an airplane for the first time.  Abigail & Elisabeth went to camp without me for the first time and had a great time. 

With so many new experiences, I have learned many things this month. Here are a few of them:

1.  Suitcase manufacturers and airlines measure luggage differently.  I am I did not learn this lesson the hard (meaning expensive!) way, but figured it out via the internet. Luggage makers measure only the body of the luggage, but airlines include wheels and handles. I'm really glad I knew this before buying new luggage for our travels this summer.

2.  Dove Chocolate Covered Blueberries are delicious. And I can convince myself that eating chocolate is healthy! Win/win!

3.  An introverted child will blossom when she is in an environment full of people who share her interests and passions. I sent Rebecca to the One Year Adventure Novel Summer Workshop, and she had such a fabulous time that sometimes she didn't even call home because she was spending time with her new friends. I so enjoyed hearing her tell me of her incredible adventures (which included her first flight, accompanied only by a friend of hers.)

4.  The Crowder Neon Steeple concert is as good the fourth time as it is the first. (Maybe even better because we were only a few rows back.) It was super fun for our church to host Crowder, and I also learned how to take tickets using an app on my phone.

5.  Abigail & Elisabeth love emojis! We gave them access to Hannah's old phone for camp, and they had the most fun sending me emojis (and asking for pictures of our cats!).  
**I tried to insert some emojis, but Blogger can't do that. :( 

6.  I have really missed doing in-depth workbook Bible studies. After a couple of seasons of doing different kinds of Bible studies, I am doing Kelly Minter's What Love Is study this summer and am so enjoying studying the Word this way again.