Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Never Say Never!

While I do have some serious stuff I'm mulling over, I'm still tired from last weekend's garage sale, the time change, and ALL THE COUGHING (Allergies are no fun!) so I'm going for lighthearted and fun today.

Today I did something I said I would never do:  I bought a pair of skinny jeans!  Until a few days ago I thought skinny jeans only worked on slim teenagers or those enviable women who somehow managed to escape childbirth without the typical hip expansion.  I am neither.  My daughter tried some on, and they looked cute on her, but she wears a size 0, so she can wear just about anything and look adorable!

I got a pair of boots at the garage sale that are really cute and that I thought might actually look good with skinny jeans.  So on Monday I tried some on with a really cute long top.  I tucked the jeans into some black boots I had, and it did look good.  I was surprised.  I got the great shirt, but wanted a second opinion about the jeans.  So last night Paul and I went to Kohl's where I tried some on.  He really liked them!  I was hoping to find a more comfortable fit, so I passed on that particular pair.

I went back to Kohl's today.  And tried on a different pair.  They looked good.  They were comfortable.  And, to top it off, they only cost me $6.72 plus tax!!!  Which totally makes it okay that I bought a great shirt to go with them, right?  

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Week(s) at a Glance

Wow!  Life has been full these last couple of weeks!  Our schooling has taken more time, we've had several extra-curricular activities, and my allergies have been overactive!  

We had fun carving pumpkins in late October. Faith did a pretty floral design; Hope did a Border Collie; Joy did a cat face; and Grace did a fleur de lis.  It was fun and messy!

We also celebrated Paul's birthday.  I cooked one of his favorite dinners and we had Italian Cream Cake (minus the coconut - I'm allergic!) for dessert.  I tried a new recipe, and we all enjoyed it.  

Some friends of ours hosted a "Retro Prom" on October 31st.  Faith wore my old prom dress.  Hope found a formal at the Salvation Army store for $5.  And Joy and Grace wore some cute 80s-inspired skirts and shirts from Target that are still fashionable enough for them to wear again.  I wore my old Coca-Cola shirt from high school, and Paul wore his leather pants from back in the day and eyeliner a la Billy Idol!  Everyone had a terrific time!

Last weekend we did something we said we'd never do:  We hosted a garage sale.  The money went to help the college students at our church go to Passion 2011 in January.  The students did most of the work, and we made enough money to be a help to them.  And I hope to never host another garage sale again!  (The late night of getting ready and early morning start time wiped me out!!) 

We also started offering a children's church during Paul's talk time.  One of our families lives right across from the clubhouse where we're meeting, so we bring the children there after the singing time.  I think it's going well and will only get better!

I have some thoughts rattling around in my head about being a pastor's wife and hope to blog about them soon.