Friday, August 15, 2014

The Year of Lasts

Sometimes in my mind she should still be twelve, playing with Barbies and American Girl dolls. We should have years of homeschooling ahead of us.  But twelve is years ago, and this week was Hannah's last first day of school at home.  And if I think too much about all the lasts we will experience this year, I may become blinded by nostalgia and not fully savor the everyday joys.

This will be our last year to fully control our schedule. Even if she attends the local university and lives at home, we won't be able to take a week off of school to go to Disney World. I can so easily so entangle myself in the daily chaos of our life, that I don't savor the small things that are so important.

I want to document those small things this year. Before, I always felt that our little life was nothing special. And it may be that way to other people.  But it is special to us, which is what matters.

Right now, Hannah is attending a pro football game with her dad. They'll stay the night and make a day of the Big City tomorrow. Rebecca is giving her younger sisters dramatic makeovers.  A comfortable quiet permeates our home.  Yes, this will be a year of lasts, but, for right now, I am at peace with it.