Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Never Say Never!

While I do have some serious stuff I'm mulling over, I'm still tired from last weekend's garage sale, the time change, and ALL THE COUGHING (Allergies are no fun!) so I'm going for lighthearted and fun today.

Today I did something I said I would never do:  I bought a pair of skinny jeans!  Until a few days ago I thought skinny jeans only worked on slim teenagers or those enviable women who somehow managed to escape childbirth without the typical hip expansion.  I am neither.  My daughter tried some on, and they looked cute on her, but she wears a size 0, so she can wear just about anything and look adorable!

I got a pair of boots at the garage sale that are really cute and that I thought might actually look good with skinny jeans.  So on Monday I tried some on with a really cute long top.  I tucked the jeans into some black boots I had, and it did look good.  I was surprised.  I got the great shirt, but wanted a second opinion about the jeans.  So last night Paul and I went to Kohl's where I tried some on.  He really liked them!  I was hoping to find a more comfortable fit, so I passed on that particular pair.

I went back to Kohl's today.  And tried on a different pair.  They looked good.  They were comfortable.  And, to top it off, they only cost me $6.72 plus tax!!!  Which totally makes it okay that I bought a great shirt to go with them, right?  


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