Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just Dance

Faith started taking dance lessons as a 4 year old.  She took a year off, and then we started taking classes at a different studio.  I always figured she would take for most of her elementary years and stop when she reached the advanced (4 evenings a week) level.  But as she continued taking ballet, two things happened:  She became GOOD.  And she developed a love for dance.  She this year we adjusted our schedule so she could continue to take ballet.  On Sunday we were rewarded by seeing the fruits of her labor - dance recital!

Here are some of the advanced class during semi-dress-rehearsal.
(They wore the tutus but not the bodices to keep the stage from being covered with glitter!)
Joy and Grace have taken dance since they were three.  They both love dancing as well.  And I'm beginning to see their talent as well.  They're still in a beginner class, but will move up to intermediate next year.

 They had a very cute baseball-themed tap dance!

I loved their Belle-inspired ballet costumes.
And I love to see how they are becoming graceful ballerinas like their sister.

Recital day is always a bit crazy.  We have dress rehearsals the day of the recital, so Faith and I left the house at 10 am and didn't get to come home until after recital.  Paul and my mom, who drove in to see the girls dance, transported Joy and Grace home after their rehearsal.   


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