Saturday, January 15, 2011

Epcot Adventures

We spent the next two days at Epcot.  The first day we spent doing things in the space, land, and sea areas.  I've always wondered what was inside the big white orb, and I finally got to see it!  I liked this ride because it was air-conditioned and because it was a great history review for my girls!  We also rode several of the other rides and hung out at the aquarium. 

I hung out with the little ones while everyone else rode Test Track.  I had read that the ride lasted six minutes, and I thought the whole six minutes was racing around the track.  I didn't think that would work with my vertigo-like symptoms on roller-coasters.  Of course, after they rode it, I found out the ride only goes around the track once! 

We left early in the afternoon for siesta time at the hotel.  Then we went to Downtown Disney.  The Lego store was fun for a while.  While my friend and her kids waited for a free Lego set, my girls and I shopped for souvenirs at the Disney Princess store next door.  They each selected a charm bracelet and several charms as a way to remember Disney.  After shopping, we at at Wolfgang Puck Express.  It was fabulous!  Definitely our best meal of the trip!  And it was on our meal plan.

We ended the evening by going back to Epcot and riding Soarin'.  After Paul's experience with the motion simulator at Hollywood Studios, he decided to stay with the littler ones while the rest of us rode.  This ride was so much fun!  Everyone really enjoyed it!  Then we made our way over to watch the fireworks show before we left for the evening.

The next day we had planned to tour the country areas in the morning before the day became too hot.  We planned to eat pastries for breakfast in one of the countries as well.  No one noticed that the country part of Epcot opens several hours later than the other part!  We had a few snacks with us that we ate for breakfast.  Our friend conned his older kids into riding the intense version of Mission Space.  Thankfully, no one vomited!  After lunch, we rode Test Track again.  This time I rode it, too!  Lots of fun!

We then rode the boat rides in Norway and Mexico.  We spent some time in Norway since our friend has ancestors from there.  The Viking helmets in the gift shop were a big hit!  We also spent a little time in Japan.  My girls enjoyed seeing all the Japanese things.  My sister and her family lived in Okinawa for a few years, so we felt like we had a connection with Japan.  We made the lap of countries on our way out.  We stopped in France for a wonderful snack of French pastries.  Yum!  In England, we saw Alice of Alice in Wonderland.  She had just arrived, so we were able to get pictures with her and her autograph with no waiting!  And while walking through Canada, we saw this:

After another siesta time we ate at one of the other resorts.  Then my friend and I went back to Epcot with her two girls and my oldest two.  We rode Soarin' again.  Twice!  We toured Britain.  We spoke in British accents.  We ate more pastries in France.  We tried to talk in French accents but couldn't do it very well.  So we reverted back to the British accents.  We examined belly dancing costumes in Morocco.  It was such a great mom/daughter time.  This was one of the highlights of our trip!  And the girls agree!  Even though we got rained on, it was fabulous!


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