Monday, January 17, 2011

Magical Magic Kingdom Day 1

We spent our final two days of our Disney vacation at the Magic Kingdom.  I had been looking forward to this park the most, and it did not disappoint!  We got there the first day in time to watch a parade from the train station.  Then we rode the train to Frontier Land to get fast passes for Splash Mountain.  We had a great time riding the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and then had even more fun being silly with the pirate paraphernalia in the gift shop!  

After lunch, the kids and the men rode Splash Mountain.  The women and small boys elected to stay dry!  The men little boys were tired so the dads took the boys back to the hotel for naps.  The moms and the girls didn't want to miss a minute of magic, so we stayed.  It was a hot day, so we found some air conditioned fun:  Mickey's Philharmagic and the Hall of Presidents.  The girls were thoroughly bored with the Hall of Presidents, and they didn't even appreciate the cool air!  When it was over, we were happy to discover that the afternoon parade was about to come right by our location.  The girls loved watching the princesses, although Joy was very disappointed that Sleeping Beauty was not in the parade!

  Waving to Cinderalla

We got some ice cream for a cool snack and rode several more rides until the dads and boys returned.  My two youngest even rode Space Mountain with my friend and her girls!  They loved it!!  When we were all back together we rode the MK Toy Story ride, which was not as much fun as the one at Hollywood Studios.  We rode the carousel and the Peter Pan ride.  It rained again, so we decided to ride It's a Small World.  Cheesy, but fun!  The rain had cleared out the park, so we were able to ride the teacups and the carousel with hardly any waiting!  Those tea cups were a blast!  
I chose a pink teacup!

We also rode Dumbo. Since Hope's favorite animal is an elephant, this was especially fun for her!
 Hope and I ride Dumbo!

And while we were on the ride the fireworks began.  What a fun way to see them!

And on the way out, we saw Cinderella's castle all lit up!

  A beautiful ending to a wonderful day!



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