Wednesday, October 13, 2010

When Our House of Woship Is MY House

I've never been part of a house church, so I really didn't know what to expect.  It's been an interesting experience.  We all gather in our living room, sitting on our couches, dining room chairs, folding chairs, the ottoman, and patio furniture.  If we have a lot of people, we make the children sit on the floor.

We begin with music.  Paul plays acoustic guitar, and we have another guy playing bass guitar.  We sing a few songs.  Then Paul may ask someone to share something about their walk with Jesus.  I really like this part of our gathering.  At the large church we left, it was more difficult to know people's stories.  Then Paul will give a talk.  We then pray and go eat.  

What I like about doing house church:

*Getting to sleep late!  
*How personal it is
*Everyone worships together (No separate place for children) 
*It's very laid-back
*It forces me to have my house relatively clean once a week!
*The freedom to pray over those who have a specific need

What has been tough about doing house church:

*It's kind of odd doing church in my own living room
*I get distracted making sure my girls are not being distracting
*Cleaning my house!
*We usually get a late start and therefore end later  (when we're hungrier!)
*We have to wait until the last person leaves before we can go get lunch

But our season of house church has come to a close.  We have moved to the next stage of Sunday morning worship...


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