Friday, October 22, 2010

Why People Have Two Dishwashers

Somehow Fridays have turned into "Try Cooking Something New Day."  Two weeks ago I tried my hand at Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls.  They weren't that hard, but they were messy to make.  I realized that I need a silicon mat for rolling dough.  I had an old Tupperware one that melted when a certain daughter, who shall remain nameless, set a pan from the oven on it.  I made the first batch of rolls on Friday but didn't put the icing on.  Saturday morning I warmed the cinnamon rolls in the oven and made the frosting.  YUM!  I only used half the dough, so I got to perfect my cinnamon roll making skills on Saturday.  (We actually decided we like less butter and cinnamon than the recipe calls for.  And we like the cinnamon and sugar mixed first.)

Last week I finally made PW's Mozzarella Sticks.  I remember wanting to make these at home years ago, but I couldn't find a recipe.  These were also very good.  Except we didn't eat them right away, so they weren't as fabulous as they could be.

Today I made PW's doughnuts.  Hope has been begging me to make them ever since we saw the recipe.  And she was not disappointed.  They're really good.  And easy.  I had to stand in front of the fryer for a while, but it wasn't difficult.

And I've even tried a couple of new recipes during the week:  oven-baked Panko breaded chicken tenders and a barbecue chicken tender dish.  Both were very good.  

And with all this cooking and with six of us eating all this cooking, I've come to understand why people have two dishwashers!  Because, lately, mine is always behind.  But we sure are eating well!


Kristy said...

I LOVE the PW doughnuts. I made them a few weeks ago and they are wonderful! Happy cooking/baking!

April said...

I couldn't believe making doughnuts wasn't a lot harder!

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