Sunday, December 2, 2012

Grace and Peace

Today while I made PW's chicken enchiladas, my girls added to our mantle display. I had put our stocking holders and a few candles up, and they added greenery and vases and ornaments. Later, I hung our stockings. I think this is the prettiest mantle display we've ever had!

PEACE. That's what our stocking holders spell. And that's something we need now! A few weeks ago we announced that our church plant would no longer be meeting on Sunday mornings.  Several things went into this decision, but the main one was that we saw that our girls needed some friends and connections at church, and our church just wasn't providing that after over two years. This process has been so hard, especially for Paul. We've visited another church for the past two Sundays, and, even though the first week was a bit of an adjustment, today went really well. Our most reserved girl was even texting someone she met at Sunday School today! We don't really know what this season will hold, but I do know we need God's peace in the midst of it.


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