Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happiness Is a Purring Kitty

Today has been a rainy (but warm) day, a perfect day for napping, at least according to Patches!  She kept me company on the couch this afternoon as I read to the girls and sewed ribbons on pointe shoes.  As much money as they cost, I was initially surprised that I had to sew the elastic and ribbons on my girls' pointe shoes, but now that Hannah has been on pointe for 5 years, I can see the value of making sure the shoes fit the dancers the way they should. These are Abigail & Elisabeth's first pairs of pointe shoes, and they are super excited to dance in them! 

Patches is sitting next to me again and purring. I think she is hoping I will get up and feed her. Silly kitty! She has food in her bowl, if she would only go look. But I guess I do that, too. I try to get on God's good side so He will give me something I can already access. Sometimes it's easier to wish for the good than to actually do the work of taking hold of it.  I want to be so confident in Christ's love, that I do not feel the need to butter Him up to obtain the things I need!
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