Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Messy and the Mundane

It's easy to only show the good and the beautiful. And good and beautiful are certainly things I aspire to, even though I rarely achieve them. But it's real to show the messy parts of life, the mundane aspects of living. Because that's where I live most of the time - in the midst of the messy and the mundane.

Today our dining room floor is littered with painting supplies for a 4-H project. School books have jumped off the table onto the floor. And a discarded sweater acts as a rug. The living room is cluttered with the mostly empty boxes that store our decorations awaiting a final emptying and a trip back to the attic. And the kitchen floor is home to purchases from Target and the grocery store that have not been put away.

Tuesdays are crazy days here, and this Tuesday was crazier than most. School. 4-H. Shopping for 4-H projects and a charity party. Ballet. (Times three!) BSF. A trip to the grocery store for milk and a few more things.

But in the midst of the messy and mundane I see glimpses of joy and a different kind of beauty. The joy of creating. The beauty of hearing my girls see past the superficial. The fun of shopping with Hannah. And the rest of a quiet living room when the girls are in their rooms.

Sometimes I allow myself to think of God's blessings only as the "big" things. And in so doing I miss the simple but real blessings that God showers on me each day

Open my eyes, Lord, to see Your blessings every day, even in the midst of the messy and the mundane!  


Cherry said...

Visiting from Tuesdays Unwrapped - yes, we all have days that are filled with the messy. And so much joy to be found when we look for the blessings in the midst of the everyday and the messy. I am continually needing to remind myself of this, instead of being overwhelmed with the busyness of life.

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