Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

 Today was a good Sunday. After a good morning at church, the girls requested Popeye's for lunch. Afterward I went shopping with a friend and snagged a pair of skinny jeans for $10! I've spent some time looking for the right pair, and it was a double blessing to find it for such a good price. I even found a small gift for Paul!

After I got home we met with a sweet on really together couple that Paul is going to marry in January. (To clarify, he's going to officiate their wedding ceremony; he's not going to do some sort of bizarre polygamy thing!) I wish I had been that together and clear-headed about relationships and marriage when I was engaged! I had to learn so much the hard way.

With our crazy ballet schedule, I've decided that I should make something Sunday night that will have leftovers that we can reheat for a few nights. Tonight was Pioneer Woman's meatloaf. Paul said it was the best meatloaf he'd ever had! (I think the bacon added a lot.) 

After supper we watched the Veggie Tales Saint Nicholas movie. We still all love Veggie Tales! I'm so glad my older girls don't feel too grown up to enjoy the fun!  And what's a movie without a snack? I made some Ghirardelli  brownies for us to enjoy during the movie. The girls sat on the floor and enjoyed brownies and milk and ice cream. (We're still working on the cleaning up after eating!) The movie has such a sweet and needed message: We don't give in order to receive God's love. We give because we have already received God's love! The message of grace from silly talking vegetables. Gotta love it!


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