Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Music of Christmas

So it's Wednesday night and I'm finally writing my Tuesdays Unwrapped post with Emily at Chatting at the Sky. I had so much to unwrap and experience yesterday that it's only today that I'm sitting down to write about it all.

Yesterday, Rebecca had her Christmas piano recital. I'm so proud of her. She had practiced her songs and she played well. I'm most proud of her attitude. Even though she did have a couple of mistakes, she kept going and wasn't discouraged. 

After the recital we ate out to celebrate. Then we came home in time to do some last minute cleaning before my sister and her family came for the night. Our house is about mid way between their house and my mom, so they stop over here to break up what would be a very long drive. Her daughter is only a couple of years younger than the twins, so some fun cousin time ensued. Her son enjoyed our Lincoln Logs and Paul's Hot Wheels collection. Her cat did NOT enjoy our cat! Patches is such a bad hostess! The cats woke everyone up with their growling at 5 AM!

This Christmas season has seemed so full already. I know I have allowed myself to skim over or skip so much. I want to slow down this next few days, to savor Jesus. To savor my family. To savor the joy and fun of the season. I did that yesterday by just enjoying Rebecca's performance and only taking a few photos. (The one above was taken after the recital.) I also enjoyed my sister and her family and didn't worry about the bits of clutter that were still visible. I want to learn how to fully live in and enjoy each moment! Christmas is a great time to do just that!


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