Friday, October 4, 2013

Grace for the Dance


Day 3 -Grace for the Dance

 Today I finally finished sewing the ribbons and elastics on my twins' new pointe shoes! With my limited sewing ability, I consider this a victory. I remember being shocked when, after buying my eldest her first pair of pointe shoes, I realized that the ribbons and elastic are sold separately. And that the ballerina (or her mom!) has to sew them on herself! I thought that for as much money as I paid for those shoes, they should come fully assembled with no sewing required.

Of course, now I realize that not having the ribbons and elastics attached allows each dancer to get the right fit. But I still don't enjoy the hand sewing. I just can't seem to make a knot that actually stays. Every time I think I've got it worked out, I see that I don't.

I am thankful for the little sewing ability I do have to sew their shoes. And I really thankful my eldest daughter has learned to sew her own ribbons and elastics! 

I see how ballet and our particular ballet school is such a gift from God. Ballet classes teach my three ballerinas things I don't always emphasize at home: discipline, perseverance, hard work. My girls also have developed grace, poise, confidence, and a stronger ability to take constructive criticism. For my girls, ballet is grace upon grace.


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