Thursday, October 24, 2013

Graceful Pondering

Day 24 - Graceful Pondering

Some days my grace isn't in an event or a person but in a thought or an idea. The past few days I've had some thoughts circling in my head, and last night I had a great thought about how to tie them together. I want to get it right, so that may not happen for a few days, but I will share the basic idea of what I've been thinking.

As women we so often compare ourselves unfavorably with other women. And not only that, I take my friends' best qualities and combine them to form one totally unachievable ideal of a perfect woman, wife, and mother. Of course, no one can live up to this ideal, but somehow, I feel guilty if I do not. 

I want to get to the place where I am so secure in who God has created me to be that I gladly recognize and celebrate others' strengths and accomplishments without feeling like I need to live up to them. I want my standard not to be some imaginary super woman, but the only standard that matter, the standard of Jesus Christ. 

I know that I can never live up to His standard, but I don't have to! Jesus did it for me. And when I let Him live out His life in me, I will be exactly the woman God wants me to be.


Paul Pettefer said...

April, I love your thoughts, and your display of th workings of Gods grace! Today's thought is so true, keep developing it!

I love you!

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