Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Cat's Meow

Day 16 - The Cat's Meow



Today I'm grateful for Patches, The World's Best Cat. My sister messaged today that her cat of 17 years is not doing well. Even though I like to joke that God is going to keep Patches alive until Jesus comes back, I know that if He tarries we will one day have to say good-bye to our sweet kitty. 

I really like how Patches spends time with all of my girls in each of their rooms. Just now she was meowing at my eldest daughter's door to be let in. But by morning, she will probably be sleeping in one of the other girls' beds. She tolerates the extra loving and cuddling the girls sometimes bestow with only some mild cat muttering. And she purrs often. She is a safe confidant for my introvert, and she makes us laugh. I'm so thankful God led me to pick this kitty!



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