Thursday, October 31, 2013

Of Photographs and Perspective

Day 30 - Of Photographs and Perspective

Some days God gives me a glimpse of grace before I even realize I need it. Today was one such day. While sitting in the doctor's office waiting for the doctor to perform my check-up, I was able to catch up on some social media blog reading. And, while I did not enjoy the hour-long wait in a paper gown, I am so thankful I had the time to read Angie Smith's beautiful blog post today. She wrote things I've thought but never put into words. Things I needed to hear today.

This evening my girls were looking through old pictures of themselves when they were younger. Pictures in boxes rather than albums, because I never made time to do it. We don't look at these old pictures as often as we should probably because looking at them makes me feel regret for all the things I think I should have done but didn't.

 But when my girls were looking at the pictures, they didn't comment about things I dropped the ball on while they were younger. They just enjoyed reminiscing.  They don't look at those snapshots of life and see all the things Mom could have done but did not. (OK, my oldest does ask why I let her wear ponytails all the time when she was in elementary school. One day she will see that I was giving her freedom by not being a mom who nagged her about her appearance!)

I'm so thankful for Angie's reminder that I am my girls' mom, not their God. It is not up to me to provide everything they need. It is not up to me to know everything they need. And when take off my lenses of guilt and regret, I am free to enjoy the present and free to enjoy our memories. 


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