Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Delayed Date Night

Tuesday night is Date Night.! Three of the girls are at ballet, and the fourth relishes having the house to herself for a couple of hours. It brings joy to her introverted heart to watch Netflix or sing loudly or whatever else it is she does. So Date Night is win/win.

Tonight had to stop by the Target pharmacy before dinner because Abigail's sinus infection did not heal after the first round of antibiotics,and the doctor had called in a new prescription. And, since we were at Target, we had to buy another $100 worth of stuff. (This is a common occurrence. And this time the only thing I purchased that wasn't on my list was milk!) By the time we got the prescription and found what was on my list and smelled fall candles, I was hungry and had wished we had not spent so long at the store.

We went to a local Mexican restaurant, and while we were eating our fajitas, we saw one of our favorite couple friends. They joined us at our table, and we had a fun dinner. We caught up on our girls and her new puppies and life in general. If we had not gone to Target, we probably would have been finished before they got there and would have missed out. 

I can often see delays as troublesome or hindrances to my plans, but today I saw how God used what I saw as a delay to enable us to spend time enjoying our friends. I want to learn how to view delays, interruptions, and changes of plans as opportunities for God to work in new ways.


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