Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Working at Working Out

I was the kid picked last for kickball. My one and only year of softball was a total failure, since I was scared of the ball. I tried team sports in junior high, and was not good. At all. 

Even so, I enjoy working out. Or, more accurately, I enjoy the way working out makes me feel. And I like to eat food with carbs and sugar. So I work out.

When my girls were younger, I realized that going somewhere to workout would cost me more time and money than working out at home. So I bought videos and weights. We even bought an exercise bike. 

We recently decided that an elliptical machine would be better for working out than the old exercise bike. It was delivered today, and Paul put it together! If I'm sore tomorrow, I'll know why!

So my glimpse of grace today is a way become healthier. (And eat more carbs!)


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